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American Moving to Tbilisi

Hello all! This is my first post on here, so I'm still becoming acquainted with the layouts.

I have been to Tbilisi twice already, and my fiancé resides there (not American). I will be moving to Tbilisi this October, leaving the 20th and arriving on the 22nd!

I just wanted to see if anyone had any helpful advice for me as far as:

-How to pack my life into three checked bags and a carry-on - any advice on what's necessary (that I didn't realize) or things that are useless or extraneous and should be left behind.

-I'm bringing my dog with me, any advice on getting him acquainted to his new home? Or how I can make the trip from Arizona, USA to Tbilisi, Georgia easier and less stressful for my dog (Labrador/Chow Chow mix - male 4 years old)

-Since I'm moving there and fiancé is not Georgian, (medical student), any information on applying for visas beyond the 90 days and, I think, applying for residential permit?

-Any foreigner to Georgia, especially Americans, how well did you assimilate into the culture and surroundings? Any advice on dos or don'ts?

-Aside from my fiancé and his male friends, I know no one from the area. I would love to meet new friends, mainly women around my age. Anyone willing to show me the ropes, and help me get started: I'm kind, funny, smart, witty, talkative, good listener, and love animals, music and photography.

-Any other helpful advice, even if I did not ask for it specifically, would be greatly appreciated.

Very excited to finally have my physical home, where my heart has been so long now.

Thank you in advance for any helpful advice!

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