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Anybody wants to adopt a kitty? (Tbilisi)


6 months old kitten. Female. Black&White. House broken. Fully vaccinated with electronic chip implant and cat passport. Clean and very affectionate.

Story: One of my ex-colleagues took in this cat in at birth and wanted to bring the cat back home to Switzerland. But due to international veterinarian regulations, the cat must wait 4 months after getting vaccinated for rabies before it can travel. My colleague had to go back home last month and the initial plan was for me to do some cat sitting and then bring the cat to Switzerland after the 11th of January (date when the cat will be able to travel). But in the meantime plans have changed for me and I will be leaving Georgia sooner than I thought and will not be able to bring the cat back to its owner.
So I am looking for a kind person who would be willing to either do some more cat-sitting until January and then put the cat on the plane (all expenses paid by owner) or either simply just adopt this little cat.
If anybody is interested, please contact me at: Protected content

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