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Free Dog (Tbilisi)

Not sure if this belongs in marketplace or Towntalk. What do you think of the large number of gorgeous homeless dogs in Georgia? There, now it belongs in Towntalk!

I adopted a homeless dog who is just great. She is called Molly and has made my life here so much better. Anyway, she has a sister called Bella who is almost the spitting image, with a bit of reddy-brown fur on her chest. They are both small Spaniel/Collie crosses....or at least that's what we think....mutts are always smarter and healthier. She has been neutered, microchipped and has had all her vaccinations. She is house trained and has received some basic training.

Anyone who gives Bella a home will get a bottle of whiskey from a local radio celebrity and will probably become quite famous in their own right as well as having major karmic creits for life.

If interested send me an email on Protected content and I will send you some photos.

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