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Georgian Infrastructure (Tbilisi)


Electrical - Georgia is well known for 'Rolling Outages' of all types. This includes electrical outages. The main causes of such outages are the outdated hardware, lack of maintenance, lack of education on upgrades, and sometimes just flat out laziness of workers. Power supply grids are very often over burdened with the lack of available power transformers. In fact, it appears that the standard of 'If it works, it must have been built correctly' is the standard of Electrical Design & Engineering. I forsee no change in the near future even though most poltical parties are attempting to increase modern technology. Common houshold electrical systems are often based on single circut fused or breaker services. Common grounding and surge protection is most often non-existant.

Water - Is often in large supply considering the dry climate. There seem to be an endless supply of reservoirs. In fact, there are multiple locations that provide mineral water. These reservoirs are often well monitored, and mildly protected by many laws. ( Not including EPA protection that defend against local dumping near such resources ). Sadly, the infrastructure of water supply lines are often ill maintained and rarely repaired in a timely manner. In fact it is very common to find water bleeding up through roadways & sidewalks from broken supply lines.

Drainage & Sewage - Drainage is often ill monitored. In fact, many rural areas 'encourage' contractors to junction directly into drainage mains, and often do so in such poor ways that the concrete walls collapse. In many cases, there are many areas where Drainage lines are open allowing areas to become easily poluted. Over half of these situations are work done by municipalities.

Communication - Communication services are surprisingly in large supply depending on the type. Celular towers litter the mountain ranges, providing decent service through out most areas. There are some areas with poor coverage though. Land based communication lines are sporticly problematic. These issues most often result from poor networking hubs and sometimes slack in maintenance after someone attempts to steal service. There have also been multiple reports of theft of service. Literally people stealing phone lines from high rise tension lines. Fiberoptics is available in largely populated areas, however does not provide the speed in which one would think of Fiber Optics. Patched lines are often done incorrectly, causing slower service.

Transportation - Public Transportation is available nearly everwhere. Subway, Trains, & Busses are readily available. Although slighly ill maintained, the services are in operational order, with dependant service. Taxi service is widely available. In fact, anyone with a car and 10 GEL ( cost of Taxi Light Purchase ) can operate a Taxi. Don't be surprised if you find a person attempting to make some spare income by using their families vehicle!

Roads & Paths - Of all the Former Soviet countries, Georgia has the worst maintained roads. Pot holes, uneven, cracked & Deteroriating roads and pathways cover 97% of the nation. Road crews often fund road 'cleaning' service at a higher priority than maintenance. It is more common to find a Road Sprayer than a Paver.

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