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Health Insurance in Georgia (Tbilisi)



My wife and I will be moving to Tbilisi for around 1 year in a few months. We will be under the 1 Year Free Tourist Visa. We might very well try to get our Residency Visa at some point in the future, but no decision made on this yet.

I have been looking everywhere but cannot find clear information about how Healthcare works in Tbilisi.

How do we get Health Insurance in Georgia? How does it really work for Foreigners compared to Citizens?

I have seen some very, very cheap insurances but not sure if we qualify or if it's only for citizens of Georgia.

Here's an example:. Can this be purchased by us? At this price? Protected content

Please feel free to give as much information as you like, it is very difficult to find some relevant, up-to-date info on this.


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