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Hello, Hi, and Introductions. (Tbilisi)



New to the site and so to the forum as well. Other forums I am involved with have a thread for introductions and I noticed this one didn't so I thought I'd add one. Just a place to add a short polite personal HELLO!

HELLO! Fellow Expat Tbilisi residents. I am published Canadian author and will be living in the city in September. Currently I am back in Anapa, Russia taking some Russian language classes and enjoying the Black Sea. I am working on my second MSS and finding the language classes cutting into my writing time so am most certainly looking forward to my arrival in Tbilisi. Deadlines are a horrible thing and I am very much behind. I am very searchable on Google under Scott D Covey and have travelled quite a great deal. Feel free to contact me personally if you think I may be able to help answer any questions you have about the other areas I've lived in. Thailand, Russia, or Canada. That is all from me, so feel free to reply with a hello and a little about yourself.

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