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Interested in trip to Tusheti? (Tbilisi)

A group of Georgians in a small group will be heading up to Tusheti to explore this hidden in Caucasus beauty.

Here is the tentative plan for the four day adventure. Note that the plan may change due to the weather conditions and factors beyond our control.

Day 1:

We will head from Tbilisi to Kakheti and follow picturesque river Stori gorge all the way up to Abano pass at Protected content altitude. From the top we will enjoy amazing views of the Father Caucasus. The ride will be tough on the steep roads of Tusheti. If you are afraid of hights, ensure to take a seat on the cliff side while driving. En route we will see watefalls, cross the rivers and see the left overs from the snow avalanches. Then we will stop in Omalo's Tusheti Tourist Center and see the local museum. This museum can teach us a lot about the local culture and traditions. After settling in the guest house in Shenako, we will see the village, local beer brewing house, the ruins of village Aguerta and local Trinity Church.

Day 2:
We will visit Villages of Outter Tusheti: town museum of Dartlo, Dano, Castle-Village of Kvavlo, Chesho, Parsma with it's White Castle.

Day 3:
Hiking day: we will depart for Diklo, closest to Dagestan and Russian boarder. Here we will learn about tragic story that took place in this village in early years. On the way back, we will take "Didkalto" route and enjoy amazing views, then we will visit old windmills.

Day 4:
We will see the Gometsari Gorge Villages (the highest village is located at Protected content , enjoy the views, see Dochu where you can see the ancient three storey castle, village of Ilurta and a local Protected content St. George church. After we will depart for Tbilisi.

On the second and third days we will enjoy movies in the evening. The guest house has a generator.

The guest house will serve Tushuri Khinkali and local foods. For lunches, they will provide packed lunches.

320 GEL. This includes travel, lodging and meals and a little bit for "common wallet" to buy snacks, drinks and more...

Accommodation and Meals:
- We will stay in a local, old-fashioned, local style guest house in the village of Shenaqo.
- Three meals will be provided by the guest house. During the trips, they will provide packed lunches.

What to bring:
- First and upmost: good mood and big smile!
- Good hiking shoes
- Light sleeping bag
- Some home-made drinks, if possible
- Good movies to have a great selection

Questions are of course super welcome! :)

We promise to provide an ocean of joy and super amazing moments to hold on until the next trip... See you soon!

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