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Smoke-free dining/entertainment? (Tbilisi)

Dear friends

I have been in Tbilisi for a month and was wondering if there were any restaurants (besides McDonalds, whom I won't support for other reasons) that at least have separate areas for smokers and non-smokers? What about places with live entertainment? What legal protection is there for non-smokers to protect their health from the dangerous consequences of being exposed to second hand cigarette smoke - nothing? It seems in one month here I have been exposed to more secondhand smoke (not to mention exhaust fumes!) than maybe two decades in my home country. Does anybody (politicians, citizen action groups) care about this? It seems that if I want to protect my health the only thing there is to do is to stay home, but maybe there are some undiscovered venues that care a little more about the safety of their patrons than the rest of them?

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