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Tbilisi Hash House Harriers

Hi all,

I know that many people know about this already, but in case you don't...

The Tbilisi Hash House Harriers is a running/walking/drinking group that meets

- every second Sunday, which includes this coming Sunday 28 August

- at 3:00 PM during the summer, in the winter it's an hour earlier

- in the Big Ben Grocery store parking lot, which is around the side of the store, on the left side if you're standing with your face to the store and your back to Chavchavadze Ave.

From there we organize into cars, organize taxis or a marshrutka if there are more people than can be fit into available car spaces, and head to where the trail has been laid out, which can a park in the city, an area outside of town, or really anything that those setting the trail choose to do. There's always a runners trail and a walkers trail, and you can do whichever you like. After the run and walk are completed there are some silly rituals with beer (you can substitute water if you don't want to drink), and then whoever wants to goes out to dinner afterwards.

Please join us, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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