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Tbilisi Volunteer Group?

Hi everyone! I really wanted to do something humanitarian by joining a volunteer group which aims to help our Georgian friends. However, I am based in Dubai and could only visit there once in a while. Why do I feel like doing this?

Here's the story. Last winter when my 4 friends decided to visit Georgia, I joined them only for 4 days and then I was left on my own as I wanted to stay a little bit and explore. Two days before my flight, I saw an online posting of a young man from the Rural Sociologist Club inviting everyone who wanted to join their New Year event to the village of Vakiri. I got excited the first time I read it so I headed to buy color pencils, pencils, some sweets and Dubai t-shirts after work to bring it with me.

And it was the beginning of a new adventure! There were different volunteer groups. Two days spent in the village, we did clean-up drive, film showing and discussing it afterwards, mini concert, cultural dance, fire show, gift-giving, poem reading among others. I got hugs from the old folks and kisses on my cheeks as we handed out our little gifts. It felt good to the soul.

I feel like I wanted to help them more so I'm going back this summer to join any activities. I have started to send assistance too to help them fund their projects but it is just a very small amount from me. I cannot do it alone.

So I am wondering, would anyone of you start the IN volunteer group IN is offering? I may not be around every month but I'm willing to join as often as possible. Let me know your thoughts on this and perhaps we could, together create a meaningful way of networking. Didi madloba!


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