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Travellers cheques and electrical plugs (Tbilisi)

Dear all

I'll be arriving in Tbilisi in September Protected content an (initial) 4-month stay, and would greatly appreciate your help with some questions I have!

I'd rather not use my debit or credit cards while I'm there due to fraud concerns, but are travellers cheques readily accepted at foreign exchange offices (and do you know if there are American Express offices)? I haven't seen mention of travellers cheques on this forum.

Is there a preference for either US$ or Euros? I have noticed that apartments are usually listed for rent in US$ - is this because owners accept payment only in dollars, or are the prices converted from Lari?

What would you advise as the best way to go about money-wise?

I'd like to purchase foreign currency asap, as the SA Rand has been on a bit of a downward trajectory of late, so your input would be greatly appreciated.

The other thing I was wondering about is the question of electrical plugs. Does Georgia use standard European plugs (e.g. like those used in Germany) or are they different?

Okay, I'll start a new thread for my totally unrelated question. Thank you very much!


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