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Vegan/Vegetarian and Gluten-Free (Tbilisi)

Dear all

As I have mentioned in a previous post in Expat Q&A, I will be arriving in Tbilisi in September Protected content , and I'm very much looking forward to it, even if it is still a few months away!

I have noticed that a few of you are vegetarians and vegans or near-vegans. My research tells me that the Georgian cuisine offers quite a few options to vegetarians and even vegans, but I would like to know from you how hard you find life in Tbilisi as a veggie. How accepting have the Georgians been to your choices? How difficult is it to find vegetarian foods? Are items like soya milk, tofu, tempeh, etc. readily available (or available at all?)

Unfortunately for me, I was diagnosed a year ago with gluten intolerance, so I also can't eat anything with gluten in it (no wheat, rye, barley or oats). I'm gutted not to be able to have any of the lovely Georgian breads! Does anyone here have experience with coping in Tbilisi on a gluten-free diet (or dare I ask, a gluten-free vegan diet)? Are there any speciality products available, like gluten-free pastas? How about gluten-free grains like various types of rice, quinoa, millet and flours made from these? How much choice do you have available to you in restaurants?

Your input will be greatly appreciated!


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