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Volunteer Service ? (Tbilisi)


Would anyone have some suggestions for volunteer service in Tbisili. The thought had crossed my mind to teach English, however my belief of 'volunteer service' is based on non-compensation.

Are there any other programs that allow US citizens that ability to donate Time and/or Labor ?

My proficient experiences and trade are listed as follows:

#1 Server Side Code Construction ( PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and just about any query based operation that has been available for the last 9 years ).

#2 Emergency Managment & Response Systems Protected content experience certification in Fire / EMT / & HAZMAT ) in both Florida & New York States.

If there are no other options aside from English teaching, are there any services that have no ties to Government or profit organizations ?

PS: Anyone choosing to correct my spelling of 'Labor' is up for a long debate of European & American English.

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