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Women Clothes, Shoes etc (Tbilisi)


i have "many" women clothes and would like to give it out.

Is there any humanitary organisation (like Caritas second hand clothes etc) in TBS?
In Europe there are many NGO/NPO, the collect and give it out (for FREE!!!) to people they need.

Some things are new, never used, the rest in a perfect condition (all clean, washed, no holes etc).

Shoes, shirts, skirts, long and short pants, winter jacket, handbag...
Sizes: XS/S, 26/27 pants, 34 skirts,37 shoes etc.

Mixed summer and winter.

The things they are not 100% good i throw it away, but for the rest its a bummer to waste it.

Please only NPO's !!!

It would be nice, if its in the near of Saburtalo, i didn't have a car...


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