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Brazilian Searching for Job (Tehran)

Dear community members,

This is Daoud from Brazil. I am very eager to find a job in Iran for Protected content , starting around May.

I believe we all (job searchers) are attracted to Iran for many similar reasons (culture, opportunities, landscape, exoticness, etc), so I am guilty of the same motives. I am however, "extra attracted" because of the very positive relations in between Brazil and Iran, and about how much I've read in the media from both countries regarding Brazilian companies overly preparing as of now to enter the Iranian market once sanctions are in fact lifted.

So I wonder if there are job opportunities for me in Iran? I've been trying some conventional ways of job searching (Google, LinkedIn, etc) but haven't had much success at all.

Education: BSC in International Business and Cultures; MSC in Communication Management and Leadership (finishing in May Protected content .

Work: I have management, sales, and marketing experience in Aquaculture, eCommerce, and IT industries.

Any advice, website, or even contacts will be very much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance and I wish you all a great New Year's Eve.


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