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Cost of Living in Tehran

Dear all,

I am Abigail, a Filipina expat based in Bangkok. I am currently doing research on cost of living in Tehran for my company's expat population and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some inputs.

Would you kindly verify if the following are correct:

Meals (restaurant meals in the mid-range):
Low = 10 USD
High = 25 USD
Average = 17.5 USD

Work clothes (per set) = Protected content

Personal care: 75 USD
- would you kindly include a breakdown if you can

Dinner = 28 USD
Pub/karaoke = 30 USD
Massage = ?
Movie theather/ DVD = ?
Cable TV per month = 25 USD
Internet per month = 40 USD

Electricity per unit = ?
Ave. elec. units per month = ?
Water per unit = ?
Ave. water units per month = ?

When I conclude my study, I will share it with you.




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