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Perhaps we need a change @ IN TEHRAN (Tehran)

For those who don't know me, I have lived outside Iran for 26 years.

I let people jump the bread queue in front of me as they obviously have urgent matters to attend to, I put my headphones on and pretend to lesson to music so I don't have to answer the countless nosy taxi drivers questions, some of my befriended friends (Iranians) recite from Kant and Nietzsche then turn up late to meetings and see no issue with this, they've read a Protected content book but not understood one word, I let people cheat me out of taxi fares or anything else for that matter not because am weak but so I can measure the man, I buy glass tea cups from the Tehran bazaar and they explode while I am washing them with lukewarm water, I cry 'how did we get to this' and plan to go to the factory and tell the owners ' how many of these have exploded while a woman was pouring tea, but the anger is numbed by more melancholy attitude towards life in Tehran (A bit over dramatic, I am film director). To most Iranians this is ok but to the world it's not.
So I joined Inter nations to tell expacts, this is my experience of Iran, I love and hate it, Iran is like Jekyll and Hyde or beauty and the beast. To have a good laugh at the rat race, only the race is on a round circuit , but...........I realised on the last two events I attended in December nearly all members where from Iran and my trails and tribulation are very normal to them, so I stopped attending.

The atmosphere was wrong, their was no diversity in networking, even though I can see from the site there are allot people that never attend the networking events which would make it a wonderful place to mingle if they did.....

Perhaps we should ask them why!!!!!!

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