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Shipping personal possession to Iran (Tehran)


Dear fellow members, firstly what a fantastic website and it's an honour to join this close-knit community here in Tehran. Could any fellow members kindly help me? I'm trying to ship my furniture and personal effects from London to Bandar Abbas without much joy. Managed to get plenty of quotes from UK-based shipping firms and eventually went with one I trusted that came out with reasonable quote for a 20foot container to Bandar. Now struggling to get someone to handle customs and bring the container from Bandar Abbas to Tehran. The few firms in Iran that I googled came up with crazy quotes and, can you believe, its cheaper to get a container from the UK to Iran that from Bandar to Tehran! (apparently) Does anyone know a good shipping broker / freight handler to deal with this? Anybody reasonably priced or recommended would be superb! Thanks! :)

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