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Some useful survey info from Business group (Tehran)

Dear Friends

I recently organized a survey in InterNations and I would like to share some exclusive insight with you. I have done the survey to better understand the group needs and expectations and to better tailor the activities. I got a lot of useful information and I'm encouraged to organized more surveys on different business related subjects in the future. I will share some insight here with you:

The purpose of the survey, as mentioned above was to have a broad picture of the IN community. The target community being mainly the expats both in Tehran and other countries, there were a significant contribution and I hereby thank everybody.

The general consensus toward business in Iran after the sanctions is significantly positive with considerable expected contribution of expats. There were also considerable expectation of population increase in Tehran community after the sanctions. Although there were mixed feelings regarding the performance of Tehran community so far, expats generally preferred open networking as their main interest in Tehran business group events alongside other types of activities.

I plan to explain more of the findings and the details in the coming Tehran business group event and I would be more than happy to hear your opinion on the issues as well. I'm looking forward to having a pleasant discussion at the venue alongside getting to know all of you interested in business networking. Please don't hesitate to join us!

Best regards
Masoud Taban
Group Consul

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