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Thank you note - I am leaving Iran this weekend (Tehran)

Dear Friends, I am leaving Iran this weekend for a new assignment in another country and am so happy that I was able to visit a great country like Iran. The people, the sights, the city, streets, flights... and everything have an unique quality embodied in them. In Iran, some times it felt like I was travelling back in time 20 some years! The cars, the city in some ways are quite old but not without its charm! In fact, I like the way the old cars, the crazy traffic, the way people dress... it really all adds up to the characteristics of the city. I feel very grateful and lucky because of the great hospitality of the Iranian people which came from their heart! I have to specially thank all the people I met during my stay here. Iran has many great historic sites and scenes, I didn't have enough time and I would definitely would re-visit again with my family. If any of you are visiting India, do let me know

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