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Where should I start? (Tehran)

I am a 36-year-old professional writer/journalist from the US who wants to live in Tehran or thereabouts and, ideally, find a job or some place I could volunteer teaching English. I love the Iranian people, the culture, the history and want to experience it first hand. Of course, my government's foreign policy aim is, apparently, to disrupt and depress the Iranian economy and make life for its people as miserable as possible, a fact that leaves me sickened. There's not a lot of information on moving to Tehran from the US and I'm not even quite sure how possible it is. I'm hoping this can be done. I want to write a novel while I'm there that gives the American people a human view of the Iranian people and throws our ridiculous policies into question. If anybody has any helpful hints, I'd very much appreciate any information you can provide.
Thank you!

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