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General info please (Tel Aviv)

We, husband son and I, are thinking of relocating from Beijing to Israel.

My husband's job is flexible enough that we can more or less determine where in Israel we want to live.

I am Chinese. He is not. He speaks Hebrew I do not.

Are there any areas that might be best for us to live in. (schooling is not an issue since it will be a few more years until he needs to go to school).

In order to get an understanding of the cost of living what please is the minimum wage in Israel and what is the Israel average salary?

In Beijing there is something called the International Newcomers Network that helps newbies (trailing spouse) settle into life in Beijing. Is there something similar in Israel.

Apart from Internations, which in Beijing is basically a social club, are there any professional networking organisations in Israel for people who do not speak Hebrew?

thanks in advance for any and all replies

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