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German Speaking Kids/Events (Tel Aviv)

Hello All,

My company has asked me to take a position in Tel Aviv for 2+ years. We are American and have lived in Germany for almost 3 years now, and have integrated into life and customs here fairly well. We have two kids, and a 3rd on the way. Our kids are 4 and almost 3, and both of them are fairly fluent German speakers (for toddlers, they would be considered fluent). We would LOVE to find a way to continue building on their German skills while in Tel Aviv, either through a German speaking nanny, or regular play groups with other German speaking kids, or through a kindergarten/day care program with other German speaking kids. Can anyone offer any advice? I've done a fair bit of checking online, and haven't had much luck, but I could be using the wrong German keywords to get good results from Google. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!

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