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"JIP" Stand Up Comedy Show in English in Tel Aviv

JIP-stand up comedy show

"I was supposed to be a JAP! My mother was a JAP, my sisters are JAPs , but as usual I broke the mold. I made Aliyah and became a JIP!"

Amerian Born Israeli, "Olah Vatica" Protected content , Marcy Geva brings to the stage her experiences as an American in Israel. Marcy shares the humor of the culture gap. She tells her story of aliyah: from an up-upper class American suburb to Kibbutz in Israel; from being raised as JAP (Jewish American Princess) to becoming a JIP (Jewish Israeli pauper). She entertains with tales of raising her 4 sabra, kibbutznik, almost grown children.

Marcy is new to the stand-up stage although she has been performing and lecturing for decades as one of Israel's leading Childbirth Educators and child care experts. Her courses and lectures are always spiced with her unique sense of humor and she has sent many young couples laughing to the labor and delivery room.

Now Marcy has found her calling as a comedian: sharing her life experiences, her delightful humor and her love of Israel.

JIP was created with the help of Israel's famous playwright, screenplay-writer, actress and comedian, Hadar Galron. It is specifically intended for Anglo Saxon, predominantly Jewish audiences in Israel: Olim and tourists alike and will most certainly become another "must see" on the itinerary of all "experience Israel" trips.

In July there will be two performances of JIP in Central Israel :Tel Aviv and Petach Tikvah. Please contact me to make your ticket reservations early and pass this on to your "Anglo" friends
In Israel!

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