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Job Opening in Canadian Embassy Consular Dept (Tel Aviv)

Below is an edited version of the application document. Please write to Protected content for the full version. Closing date July 9th

Consular Program Assistant

Language Requirement: MUST HAVE Fluency in Hebrew, English, French (spoken and written).

1. of computer software (MS Office, Internet, Outlook).

1. to work under pressure;
2. adaptability and flexibility;
3. to learn quickly and continually;
4. to communicate effectively orally and in writing in English, Hebrew and French;
5. to plan and organize; and
6. to set priorities and meet deadlines.

1. effective interpersonal skills;
2. judgement;
3. strong client focus
4. team player; and
5. integrity.

Under the direct supervision of the Senior Consular Program Officer provides frontline consular support services to Canadians; assists in processing passport applications and citizenship documents for Canadians abroad; provides administrative and mail services for the Consular section; and performs other duties as required.


A. Provides frontline consular support services to Canadians by: 70%

(1) responding to requests for assistance from the consular officer or consular assistants;

(2) interviewing visiting consular clients to determine the service issues involved and answering questions and/or referring cases to the appropriate consular colleague for completion (repatriation, legalization, etc.);

(3) providing passport, citizenship and registration application forms in response to requests and providing advice on how to complete the applications;

(4) examining passport applications to ensure completeness/authenticity of
documentation proving Canadian citizenship and supporting supplementary identification received from applicants;

(5) advising Canadians orally and/or in writing on the procedures for obtaining the documentation required to obtain a Canadian passport;

(6) advising Canadians orally and/or in writing on the procedures for obtaining the documentation required to establish proof of or eligibility for Canadian citizenship;

(7) responding to general enquiries from clients on Canadian and local laws, regulations and services in such areas as citizenship, passport, immigration and residency, registration, taxation, pensions, adoptions, social services, customs, criminal and civil laws, labour laws and services falling under provincial jurisdiction in Canada (registration of birth, marriage & deaths, driving licenses,
medical and social services, etc);

(8) confirming the eligibility of guarantors and references and checking with them to verify applicant’s identity;

(9) identifying complex cases involving custody, adoption, security or consular and referring these cases to the Senior Consular Officer or DMCO as appropriate;

(10) returning documentation submitted by passport and citizenship applicants and maintaining ‘received’ and ‘distributed’ registers accordingly; and

(11) distributing passports to visiting clients

(12) maintaining knowledge of current policies and practices by attending and participating in all training and keeping up to date on news an information;

(13) maintaining the Registration of Canadian Abroad (ROCA) including district assignment and periodic communications, as well as leading communication in times of emergency; and

(14) ensuring that information contained in the Mission consular contingency Plan are revised regularly and are up to date.

B. Assists in processing passport applications and citizenship documents for Canadians by: 15%

(1) assisting on a priority basis, in the production of Canadian passports;

(2) confirming the eligibility of guarantors and references and checking with them to verify applicant’s identity;

(3) opening files and entering data for passport applications;

(4) ensuring applications, documents and certificates for passport and citizenship are free of errors;

(5) operating computers, printers, laminators, cutters and other equipment used to produce authorized Canadian passports;

(6) maintaining files and records of passports and citizenship certificates issued to applicants;

(7) completing the passport process by modifying file status, distributing new passports, closing files, etc.;

(8) responding to passport and citizenship enquiries by telephone;

(9) reviewing child custody legal documents to avoid issuing passport facilities which could result in a child being illegally removed from the country; and flagging any suspicious or unusual application to the supervisor;

(10) maintaining files and records of passport and citizenship applications and associated correspondence; and

(11) maintaining the security of equipment and blank passports and other forms/materials used in the issuance of Canadian passports, citizenship papers, and travel documents.

C. Provides administrative services for the consular section by: 10%

(1) maintaining records of all consular activities and workload on the Consular Management Information Program (COMIP);

(2) collecting and distributing incoming consular mail and faxes;

(3) ensuring that the reception area is tidy and well stocked with up-to-date publications, Canadian media summaries, travel information, and other relevant publications or notices;

(4) maintaining the consular stock room and archive storage area;

(5) assisting in updating manuals and guides and ensuring printed materials (guides/applications/forms) are up to date;

(6) preparing outgoing registered mail (for passports and citizenship cards);

Protected content records and register of incoming and outgoing mail to the section; and
(8) providing word processing services.

D. Protected content other duties, including but not limited to: 5 %

(1) providing translation and interpretation services;

(2) assisting and preparing for consular outreach events; and

(3) rotating to other responsibilities and to cover during absences of other colleagues.

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