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Looking for a job opportunity (Tel Aviv)

Hi everyone,

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Marjolein de Jong. Five years ago I started my bachelors degree in Media & Entertainment Management in Haarlem. This year, I finished my masters at IBS (International Business School, in Budapest), where I studied Marketing and Management. At this point in life I'm ready for a valuable next step in my professional career.

About one month ago I moved to Tel-Aviv, and I'm in the process of getting my working permit. This might take a while and I would like to start working somewhere marketing related! It is time to launch my professional career!

During my studies I worked with great pleasure on fictional projects where we had to organize an event. The minors ‘live entertainment venue management’ and ‘event production’ were mostly focused on the production aspect. Nevertheless, marketing and communication aspects and management techniques were also important. I also worked during my studies on marketing projects where we had to write marketing plans, introducing a new product into a potential market or to design a marketing campaign. Furthermore with my internship at Amsterdam Marketing I could bring some things in practice. But now it is time to show what I’m worth, and bring all I’ve learned into practice.
Last but not least, I wrote my masters dissertation about content marketing and storytelling.

Involvement, teamwork and personal development are aspects which are very important to me. Because of my flexible attitude I can easily adapt to unexpected situations. I'm a good networker and a real organisator with a lot of enthusiasm and perseverance. I'm open-minded and like to work with ambitious and result-oriented people.

If you have any ideas for expats, freelance, junior positions, international companies/ Startups, or any other offer, please let me know! :)

Best regards,

Marjolein de Jong
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