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Moving to Israel from USA (Tel Aviv)

Been thinking about moving to Israel as a jewish American as I see a lot of lack of adherence to the Talmud. Had a bad experience being here in the USA with the people I have gotten caught with. Never can find my way economically or find friends around here with mutual shared beliefs and interests.

I go somewhere just to get accosted by a total stranger in the subway system in the USA who really treated me rudely and seemed to know something about me. Others seem to be doing a lot better all the while the USA has pushed me around no matter how smart you are since you just keep getting thrown in with more people and some of them can be really mean and arrogant.

Tried OKCupid to meet Israeli before I travel to have possibilities lined up for potential marriage but unfortunately all conversations as of now have been not fruitful since they don't materialize or they don't respond further and it's unclear if some are fakes.

Any recommendations for employment and finding someone to marry? Tried a few other sites as well but no luck yet. I'm not doing that well and get disability insurance right now in the USA but that seems to mean to others they can come out and abuse you instead of making sure there is economic growth for someone like myself.

Looking forward to your advice,

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