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Multilingual jobhunting and working permits (Tel Aviv)

Hi all,

I am a 27 years old Belgian who has been globetrotting for the last few years. I have lived in 6 different countries now of which 5 were EU countries. The other one was Turkey and I absolutely loved immersing myself into a totally different culture, totally different way of life. I would love to experience more of the Middle East and Israel thereby attracts me a lot due to its historical, geographical and cultural diversity. It may be a small country but it is home to a very diverse landscape, some of the oldest and most beautiful cities on the planet, and due to mass immigration it is a very multicultural place.

I have in the recent past talked to several Israeli employers who needed multilingual people and some were showing serious interest until the working permit debate came into play. The problem is that I have no Jewish ancestry and thus cannot apply for Israeli citizenship under the Aliyah laws. My interest in Israel is sincere, but of course this won't make any difference legally: the working permit would be needed, and not many employers are willing to pay for it when a Jewish candidate can do the job as well and doesn't need the working permit (as he can use the Law of Return). I am quite positive there must be some employers willing to organise a working permit though, I am just unsure where to start looking?

I speak Dutch, English, German and French.

I have 5 years of experience in the call center/customer service industry and have worked in every aspect of this industry: inbound/outbound calls and email based support, technical support and customer service, sales, reservations, ... I have done these tasks in all 4 languages I mentioned.
Additional experience with cash collections, invoicing, and administration. On unpaid basis (voluntary work) I have experience with secretary work and writing and publishing articles on a wide variety of subjects including sports, arts and politics.

In terms of computers and software: I am very familiar with internet and MS Office, and have experience with SAP and Oracle.

Any hints would be more than welcome.

PS: the entire Israel and also the West Bank would be of interest to me, it does not necessarily have to be in Tel Aviv. Cities such as Jerusalem, Haifa, Eilat, Ramallah, etc are equally interesting in terms of sceneric beauty or cultural significance. I realise though most employment opportunities, if any, will be in the bigger Tel Aviv area very likely.

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