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Register for marriage in Israel online! (Tel Aviv)

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You can sell your chametz online, you can donate for kapparos online, you can buy anything in the world online and now you can even register for marriage online in Israel!

it seems to me that opening marriage registrations online makes the entire debate about open registration around the country, allowing people to register in whatever city they want, fairly moot.

According to Srugim, the Religious Council of Tel Aviv has launched a system for registering online for marriage. (if you are curious or want to register, the Rabbanut site has the details, and they send you from there to theregistration site). A couple wanting to wed can submit all the necessary forms online. Not only that, but the witnesses that need to go to the Rabbanut to "testify" that each party is Jewish and single will no longer need to go to the Rabbanut offices to do so - they can give their testimony now using Skype!

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