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Work/residency visa for foreign partner of Israeli (Tel Aviv)

We get a lot of questions about how to get a visa for Israeli and the process of Israeli-non-Israeli couples.

Here is a list of requirements (in Hebew) for your first-time visit:
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I think this is not the full list of requirements though. It is safer for your Israeli partner to go to Misrad Hapnim before your arrival and get a print-out of what will be required. Many of those documents take weeks and months for you to collect in your home country.I would advise the Israeli party to go one time to the ministry's office and get the list of requirements straight from them.
In such a case, he/she can go to any of the ministry's branches and I would advise this person to go to a different branch than the Tel Aviv one (which is overcrowded) and to say that he/she only needs such a list, even though the actual process will not take place at this branch. I think this would take less time than the same task in the Tel Aviv branch......

Remember that each year is different so getting your first-ever B1 Visa is different to renewing it in year 2 and upgrading to A5 in year 5. Also Misrad Hapnim changes their regulations frequently and people who started the process in Protected content have a different process than those who started in Protected content .

There is also a great blog explaining the details here:

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