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Banking help!!! (Gran Canaria) (Tenerife)


Banking Help!

Hi guys,

Looking for a little help navigating the nightmare Spanish banking system

We have recently purchased a property in Gran Canaria and the agent advised us to setup a Santander account. Since opening this account we have been charged 28EUR x 2 for our 2 Debit cards and we assume this will continue as an annual fee. Worse still ever time we make a payment for community charges or other transfers we are being charged about 5EUR or 0.7%. Given that we want to spend money on improvements (to builders) and maybe buy another second property, these transfer charges are unsustainable.

So given our situation I am seeking advance for which bank is currently the best in terms of no/low annual fees and importantly no domestic transfer fees (speed of transfer not important). Or is there some other account/options within Santander we can tweek to remove/reduce the fees?

We have read other old posts on this topic but when we research (and its hard as most in Spanish) much of the info is out of date as banks have closed/merged or products stopped.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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