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Cheap living close to beach. Where? (Tenerife)

Hi everyone. I just registered here because I got the urge to research a move to the canary Islands. I live in Italy but work from home so I can live exactly anywhere with an okay internet connection. Right now I haven't really decided where in the Canary Islands I want to go, so I would like to try and find the cheapest places, and go from there. I would like to find an apartment or small house with at least two bedrooms and decent internet connection. Also I would like to be able to walk to the beach, but I can walk quite far; I like walking. By cheap I mean at the most €500. I'm not sure I've put this post in the right section, and apologize if it needs to be moved. I wouldn't mind living among other expats, but it's not a must. Another thing: I have absolutely no clue about the cost of living in the Canary Islands. Right now I have very high expenses on the Island of Lipari, north of Sicily; electricity, garbage and food is not cheap here. How much should I expect to pay for a low kw rated place plus water and garbage pickup? As far as appliances go, I basically just have the computer and light bulbs and smartphone plugged in. I'm gonna stop here because this will be to much otherwise. Again, apologize if I'm in the wrong section, and thank you for any advice!

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