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La Palma, Canaries, we are coming ..... (Tenerife)

Hello neighbors and friends to be, we can't wait anymore! But our dream is becoming true, yeah!
Let me fill you in: on Sept. 16 we'll fly to Spain/Malaga. A few days later we are going on a 2 weeks trip around Andalucia. After that we' ll make our way to La Palma. We are looking to rent a 1 bedroom furnished accommodation close to all amenities in the SW of the island for 2 more months.
Just in case you are intrigued by our itinary and want to hookup with us somewhere at one point or another we would be thrilled to meet you.
Maybe you even know somebody who knows somebody who can help us find a rental property. That would be awesome!
We would love to hear from you all, regardless.

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