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About Leiden. (The Hague)

My name is Mido. I am in Leiden now.
As no community internations in Leiden so I hope people here answer me any question of my questions,
1- because I am In Leiden, I ask if there is here people who live in Leiden, could you please recommend me nice website, community or Facebook group about Leiden?.
2-I am in Leiden to find opportunity to work in Leiden especially in NGOs that related to cultural exchange. Kindly please do you have suggestions to start this route?. Or maybe in The Hague too.
3_where can I dance Salsa?. Even I have no woman partner.

About me: I am board member of DNB organisation.
I have organized many events, such as a football matches involving men and women from various nationalities.
Also; I am heavily involved in voluntary activities and community services in my country.

# In every community and every new city and country I travel to, I've always felt that one of the best aspects is getting to know people, sharing thoughts, and exploring our creativity. By sharing ideas, we discover mutual interests that can lead to something good and successful. I always like to use my creativity. :)
# My core passion about cross culture and icebreaking activities. Other interests; Entrepreneurship and startup project. If you think you have the same interests esp. that related to cross culture and icebreaking activities, I would like to exchange thoughts and let's discover our creativity and we can develop our common interests!.
✔ “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results.”-Tony Robbins
So, if you like to meet up and exchanging thoughts,!let's do it!.

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