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An American In The Hague

One of many, I assume. I've been living in the center for a year, and haven't updated my Internations from London. So, here I am an excited to meet new people. Anyone have any favorite local spots or notorious American or English hang outs? I am engaged to a Dutch man, and I have got to find my own friends. lol. I would love to meet any new pals, I sadly only speak English. My Greek is terrible now, and I haven't started on Dutch lessons just yet. I can't go too far due to a spinal problem, but I'm always up for coffee. Message anytime if you're bored and want to chill. I'm a student on break thanks to my spine, but I intend on going back in the fall in Leiden, if my fiance's visa isn't approved for the USA. Anyway, enough from me, take care to anyone reading this, thank you.