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Being a proper - Albatross member (The Hague)

Hello everyone! Here's an idea that some of you with higher powers may want to suggest to the financial department: being an Albatross member certainly isn't about the money but as some of you may not know it is sometimes a problem about the ways of payments.

Here's what my problem is: if you don't have a Credit Card you cannot become an Albatross member. In Holland to have a CC you need to have a job with certain salary, I believe it was more than Protected content so (at the moment I am still a job seeker) or to have some 15.000 euro's on your bank account. This is what my bank told me when I wanted to make a Credit Card again!

So what my suggestion would be is to make it possible to pay with for example: "IDEAL" as it is one of the common ways in Holland. Thanx and hope someone can take time to consider this suggestion.

Greetings, Marina

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