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Coffee, sports, music, healthy food and Service (The Hague)

Hi Everyone,
I've shared this on the Legal Aliens forum, so you may have seen it there already.

There's a new cafe/restaurant coming soon that will change the face of the Grote Markt :)
They are very interested in delivering really good service and making their guests feel at home there (both Internationals and Dutch alike) and I'm currently working with them to help make that happen (as a "representative" of the international community :)).

I love their concept because it doesn't only offer great service, coffee and healthy food (incl. alternatives for people with food intolerances), but it also really aims on bringing people together, which for us internationals is always a great thing.
There'll be a "Breakfast Club" on Sundays for example, where people meet up to first go jogging and do some sports together, and then to have breakfast all together afterwards. I love that idea. Maybe it will get even me to start doing some sports.. :)

Live music every day, options for families and mothers and children - sounds like they thought of everything!


It will still take a few weeks before they open in December - but we are planning a couple of "test days" before the official opening day. For that, we will need a few "service testers" - some Dutch, some International - who will give us honest feedback so we can incorporate this before the cafe opens.

We'll be picking the test eaters and "restaurant critics" from the LIKERS of the cafe's Facebook page. So if you're interested, follow this page: Protected content and maybe you'll be invited for a free dinner soon!

And otherwise, maybe we can organize an Internations drink there some time in the future.


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