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Connect with your dream job - 8th Dec meeting (The Hague)

“Connecting with your dream job” is a free of charge support group based in The Hague, where women who are searching for a job meet monthly to exchange experiences and ideas.

“Connecting with your dream job” is a group under the umbrella of non-profit organisation Connecting Women and JO(B)ANNA Inspiring Coaching.
All are welcome, Connecting Women members and non-members alike.
All meetings are in English language.

The group is led by Joanna Trawinska, a Connecting Women PR board member and owner of JO(B)ANNA Inspiring Coaching.

Meeting dates, times and locations will be decided on at each meeting. The group will have no more than 10 members.

Once you will sign-up at
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the place and time of this meeting will be mailed to you. RSVP

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