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DREAM JOB in ACTION CV makeover - Workshop (The Hague)

Fourth session: Friday 28th October at: 14: Protected content OR 18: Protected content
Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,
The main objective of Dream Job in Action is to help you realise the strengths and weaknesses, how you can optimise your strengths and which of those could match with your ideal career/job. It is to help you develop and / or find out your own skills which could be put to use during future studying, professional and personal life. You will get the opportunity to get to know yourself better which will benefit while searching for a job (The Dream Job); during the job interview process and finally at the work floor. By learning about yourself you will be able to produce successful CV, you will know where and how to search for a job while using your personal and professional network.
Dream Job in Action are coaching workshop sessions divided in few chapters. You can come and attend all of them or you can simply choose the topic which suite you best.
Each week there will be a different topic on Career & Self Development including: Dream Job (what does it mean for you – do you wish to work for a company or for yourself); Self Awareness; SMART & SWOT analysis; GOALS setting; Job Search (where to look; job agencies; use of social media; networking); Job Interview (what to do before / during & after); Presentation (first impression; how to dress for a job interview); etc….

More details about place will be provided after registration. RSVP

Small groups (min 3* – max 6 people) Price **€ 15,- per session (1 session = 1,5 hour)

To book contact Joanna at Protected content
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