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Dutch, English, Chinese translator and more (The Hague)

Hi members,

I am Selynne from Hong Kong, currently residing in Den Haag.
I am actively looking for a career opportunity in the area of business development, marketing and translation, which I have professional experience with. I have work experience in international corporations (KPMG and another top American law firm in Hong Kong). However, ever since I have relocated to The Netherlands, many job posts require a certain years of experience which is rather difficult for me since I am quite a fresh graduate even though I believe I am highly capable and simply lack some luck in passing through the screening. Nevertheless, I understand with the current economic situation in Europe, there are loads of competition out there.

Hence, here are two ways about how you might be able to help me and I would truly truly appreciate it to have your response:
1) (Most directly) if you know the HR or related department of any company, ideally international firms, that is hiring or planning to open positions. Please let me know.
2) I have signed up for the candidate pool at Unique, Undutchables, MonsterBoard, Ranstad, and many more, big and small; however, not much luck; But I am happy to get more hope if you have more ideas regarding agents that have more Asian language plus English required jobs. :)

That's it, rather long winded, I hope someone did read through this.

Thank you very much in advance.


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