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Follow a course in protocol and etiquette? (The Hague)

By Gilbert Monod de Froideville, former Master of Ceremonies of H.M. the Queen.

How should you avoid sensitivities in placing guests? What is the right order of precedence and which guests rank most highly? How are ushers used to receive and place guests? To what type of meeting is protocol applicable and how are these meetings organised? After completing this training you will be equipped to meet the challenges of the complex protocol management.

The Institute of Protocol The Hague trains you to be a protocol professional. You become proficient in organising meetings with dignitaries and you can be an advisor for colleagues. Our aim is to teach you all the basics of protocol.

Who should attend the 2-day protocol training?

Protocol officers
Event planners
Embassy staff
Personal assistants
Policy employees
Communication specialists
Account managers
You will be trained by the former Master of Ceremonies of H.M. the Queen, Gilbert Monod de Froideville, stagemanager Rebecca van Leeuwen (Rabarber), etiquette specialist Jan Jaap van Weering (Distinguished) and relationship management specialist Jean Paul Wyers (Protocolbureau).

Teachers use dvd material and cases during the lectures to make the training more interactive. Rebecca van Leeuwen will translate the theory so you can practise a greeting, an introduction or an announcement. In restaurant Van Prinse you will apply the lecture of Jan Jaap van Weering during a three course dinner.

The training includes:

Readers and handouts.
A framed certificate of the Institute of Protocol The Hague.
Two lunches and a three-course etiquette dinner.
New date to be announced

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