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FREE Autism problem solving morning!!!!! (The Hague)

On February 20, Protected content is offering a free "Trouble shooting" session for parents with children with special needs.

Coffee, tea and small bites provided.

We can tackle problems such as:

-Improving self help skills (toileting, dressing)
-Behavioural issues
-Creation of autism friendly rooms at home and school
-Resources for websites, researchers, and current interventions
-Self stimulatory behaviours
-Communication issues (echolalia, dyspraxia)

We can also discuss the needs of the parents, including:

-Respite care/day care
-Play and social groups
-Family de-stressing techniques
-Sibling relationships
-Why your child finds computers and technology so fascinating
-How to take your child's interests and turn them into learning opportunities
-PGB issues

VERY IMPORTANT: Please RSVP via email before 19 February-Limited seating!!!!!

Thank you!!!

If you are interested, or know someone who may be, please email me at:

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