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French speaking pre-Ks / daycare / playgroups? (The Hague)

We (Swiss mother, French father plus 2 sons 3.5 years and 16 months) will soon be moving from China to The Hague. Our older son is currently going to a French-English Kindergarten where he is in the Petit Section. In Holland kindergarten does not start until 4 years old (unless we put him into the French School which is too expensive as we would have to pay it ourselves). I am looking for daycare options in The Hague but it does not appear as if there are any that offer French language as well as English. The only option of playgroup I found were on Tuesday mornings... Are there any french-speaking pre-Ks I am not aware of in The Hague? Or any other groups that get together where children can be in contact with other French-speaking children?

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