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HELP! Problems with Landlord (The Hague)

Hi Everyone,

I would really appreciate some advice on this situation. My partner and I are renting a unit in a divided house that has roughly 6 other units in it. We have a shared washer, which broke over a week ago. The landlord sent someone to come to fix it. The maintenance man had to come twice, and the second time declared the washer dead and needing to be replaced. The landlord did not react for over 5 days, despite attempts to email and call, and now has announced in an email he will not be replacing the washer because he does not see it as 'fair' because it is 'our' (as in the collective tenants') fault that it is broken. Without going into placing blame, the result seems to be that the entire house can no longer do laundry. This seems totally absurd, as I am sure we would NOT have rented the unit if there were not a washer provided. Is there anything we can do about it? Would contacting the leasing agency help?

Thanks very much for reading and for any advice.


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