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Image consultancy (The Hague)

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I am a Danish national who has spent more than 20 years working for multi-national corporations. I have had the opportunity to live and travel abroad and now call The Netherlands home.

Over the years, I realized that personal style is the key to happines and success. My personal experience is that understanding your own style leads to a higher level of self confidence which ultimately translates into happiness and success in life.

I have one simple aim in life – I want you to feel and become confident, attractive and stylish. My interest in personal style lead me to undertake training in one of the United Kingdom’s leading Image Consultancy Houses – Aston+Hayes, London.

My way of working is simple, we will work together. I will work with you and not ‘on you’. Regardless of your shape, size or budget it’s all about style tricks, optical illusion and confidence that will make you look and feel fabulous. You will gain the confidence to put colours and style together consistently and independently, with flair and personality so it becomes your unique style.

To achieve Personal Style for Life is not more expensive than buying a new outfit. Please contact me for further information or for an informal chat. I am confident you will find the experience interesting.

Kind regards
Anne Bybjerg Møller

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