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Looking for help in Leiden (The Hague)

My eldest daughter, is about to graduate from Monarch University Johannesburg campus after 18 months after spending her first year at the university of York with a Bachelor of social science in international studies and philosophy with a minor in criminology. She has been accepted at the university of Leiden to study a Masters degree of social science in crisis & security management.
I am let to believe that it is very rare for a girl to follow in that path and this is one of the reasons why she has been accepted.
This is where I would need your help if possible. We are looking some help so that she can follow her dream in the form of a scholarship or bursary scheme in an ideal situation where by EU fees and living expenses would be paid. In return Genevieve is prepared to do her internship with the supporting company, individual or association that would put up the funds.
Her academic year begins in September 1st, Protected content . I am approaching the Internations family in the hope that amongst this network I will find people that work in the field of international crisis management, security and terrorism that could help. Thank you

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