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Many to-do's? Why not get a Virtual Assistant? (The Hague)

Wish you had more time to get your new expat life on track?

Moving to a new country and building up a new life can be overwhelming.
Even though many things might have been taken care of by your employer, tons of smaller yet time-consuming items remain that divert your attention from what really matters: your family, your job and your new social life.

Have you ever had any of the following questions in the past weeks?

• What would be a fun place to spend that long weekend with the family?
• What exactly does that Dutch small print mean?
• Which internet provider gives me the best overall deal?
• Wouldn’t it be great to have someone help me with administrative hassle?(i.e, bookkeeping, input of new contacts in your address-book, creating birthday-calendars, creating lists or databases).
• How to set up a blog so I can write about my new life?
There is someone that could help you with all of this. And more!

How about a Dutch virtual assistant, that has expat experience herself, knows the language and the ropes of living in Holland and has a local network to rely on. Offering you peace of mind with complete flexibility.

From Internet research to proofreading. From creating spreadsheets, presentations and invites to doing translations.
From travel research and bookings to creating social media accounts.
Etc etc...

What is stopping you from having a virtual assistant ease your stress?

I charge an extremely competitive rate. Much less than what you would expect.

I work on an hourly basis. Do you wish to discontinue? Not a problem.

Concerns about quality?
I have a Masters degree in Economics and have 10 years of work experience in senior roles in the financial sector. I have worked abroad as an expat myself, have extensive travel experience and lived in The Netherlands for the majority of my life. I can be described as savvy, versatile, analytical, resourceful and detail-oriented.
You can check out my profile on LinkedIn: Protected content

Wondering why someone with a Masters degree and a great career would offer herself as a virtual assistant?
Good question. I am currently living my dream as I quit my job and am traveling the world. However I'm very keen to work part-time as I enjoy being of service to people. A virtual assistant role offers me the flexibility to work from any location which suits me perfectly at present.
As I have extensive professional experience on a high-level I can take on more complex projects and act as a sparring partner.

Want to know the person who is working for you?
We can plan a Skype video-call before we get started in order to get to know each other better.

Wondering how to keep me accountable?
I can deliver a report detailing my activities every week so you will have notes in writing that you can refer to. I can also take (Skype) calls in case needed and am available via Whatsapp or email.
It is possible to get access to my calendar so you are aware of my availability. This also allows us to schedule check-ins across time-zones. Furthermore it will allow you to add deadlines for certain tasks.

Still doubts? Just in general not sure if this would work?
I can offer a hard to resist introductory deal! Contact me for details.
Outsource the hassle, regain your life.

Contact me for more information on: Protected content

If you mail me and have already some idea of the tasks you wish to outsource, whether or not they are recurring and/or an estimate of the monthly or weekly number of hours you think you can use me for, please add this in your e-mail as it allows me to be more specific. Ideally I'm looking to build a longer term relationship with the person(s) I'm working for.

More about myself:

My personal journey has led me from completing my Masters degree in Economics to internships in India and Colombia back to The Netherlands where I worked temporarily as the Personal Assistant of the Member of the Managing Board of a large Dutch bank. This stint landed me a full-time salesjob in the bank’s dealingroom. I was eventually recruited by an asset management company (mutual funds) in a product management role. After two years I moved to India to head the product development department of their Indian joint venture.
As my assignment in India came to an end, I decided it was time for a change and some world-travels. To broaden my horizon, enlarge my network and get exposure to impact investing, I took on a temporarily role at a seed-stage venture capital fund in Bangalore, assisting them with their sourcing activities (finding suitable entrepreneurs to invest in).

At present I am traveling the world in search of a spot to settle down and start my own business. I still own an apartment in The Hague but have lived also in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

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