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Online therapy (Skype) with wamth and comfort (The Hague)


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Therapy can in many practices feel clinical, distanced and intellectual, but I have learned through long experience as a therapist and youth & career counselor, that a warm and loving setting, combined with genuine wisdom, works best (of course with professional boundaries). This genuineness cannot be taught by education, but must be a natural part of the therapist's personality.

For me, wisdom is "a heart that understands" and it reaches farther than merely ”the knowledge of the mind”. I connect with my clients through empathy and use various techniques, including talk therapy, creative expression, coaching, interpretation of dreams and symbols, and transpersonal psychology – a field which also integrates the spiritual aspects of the human experience. I think of my clients as equals and don’t believe in ”one up” relationships. My ultimate goal is to make you free, by helping you get in touch with your own inner wisdom and resources.

Forging a good therapeutic alliance is very important to me – the trust between us that allows us to work together effectively. I also work with Carl Roger’s core conditions that encompass: unconditional positive regard, true empathy, and finally being genuine & real as a healer.


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