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Smiling Dutchman Dutch courses in September (The Hague)

Would you like to be able to take part in conversations, understand what the Dutch are saying or to read and write in the Dutch language? Sign up for the Smiling Dutchman courses in The Hague or Wassenaar! There will be beginners and intermediate courses.

The Smiling Dutchman is one of the few language teachers that offer you support outside the classroom. You cannot learn a language only by sitting in the classroom and absorbing knowledge. Therefore, you can contact your language teacher outside the classroom through telephone or e-mail for all of your questions and remarks. This way, you do not have to wait for the next lesson, but you can move on! Furthermore, field trips are organized, as it is of a high importance to learn a language at the location where it will be used and to conduct further practice there. With the Smiling Dutchman you will walk out of the classroom with lots of new knowledge in your head and a smile upon your face!

For more info: visit the website Protected content , send an e-mail: Protected content or call the smiling Dutchman on Protected content .

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