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You want more than 'just the same life without cigarettes'?
You want to begin something new instead of just ending something old?
You want a lasting change instead of yet another failed attempt?

In this program you will come to understand what
your habit meant to you; you will be supported during the rollercoaster-ride Protected content withdrawal - the mood swings, the fear of new cravings, the bleakness;
you will be guided in the process of discovering what really lies in store for you - now that you have freed energy, time and money for yourself.

The program uses the findings of depth psychology: it is based on the idea that the desire to stop smoking is the expression of a larger wish for change in your life. To stop smoking with the use of sheer will power may be possible but it is a joyless affair with greater risk of relapse.
So when you have been feeling you want to stop smoking it is about more than another New Year's resolution: it is time for change.
No wonder you feel torn: between the known and the unknown.
Instead of staying on that threshold, wavering and alone, take the step into a program with a professional guidance.

Martine Meijer is a Jungian psychoanalyst with a long experience guiding people through periods of transition and an ex-smoker since 15 years. Visit
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